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Some Forgotten Clothing Brands - A List That Will Bring Back Memories

Some Forgotten Clothing Brands - A List That Will Bring Back Memories

If you were somewhat coherent during the 80s then this list could inspire copious amounts of nostalgia.  I distinctly remember wearing my favorite mint green sweater with little paint splotches placed in a pattern across it.  Now I am scared of it but then I felt like the coolest kids in school.  Until my best friend showed up sporting a blue Bugle Boy button-down shirt, gray jeans and Reebok pumps.  He got a lot of attention.  So much that during an activity where as a class we each wrote notes about each person in the class.  All anyone wrote about was about how good of a dresser he was.  That confirmed that I needed to wear Bugle Boy too.  But my mom only went to Mervyn's (an 80s department store) once every 3 to 6 months.  Bummer.

Here are some of my favorite 80s clothing brands and items.


One size, a few styles, mix & match...  With all those offerings, who can deny the bleeding edge fashion that can ensue.  I personally don't remember UNITS but my wife sure does.  Apparently her mom loved them and wore them all the time.

They had their own stores in malls and you could see all their different colors of weird loose fitting clothing pieces that can be worn as a belt or a dress...

UNITS 80s Clothing Brand.jpg



The jeans were dope... The embroidered stallions everywhere really made you feel like you were supposed to be riding a horse.

JORDACHE Jeans.jpg



What is better than a blue shirt?  How about a slightly lighter blue shirt?  How about a shirt that has some areas that are blue and others that are a slightly lighter blue?  Well this is what HYPERCOLOR was.  Shirts that changed color with your body heat, or any heat I guess.  

I really only remember a bunch of 8th graders noticed that Melissa had a new, cool HYPERCOLOR shirt and we all tried to get it to change colors with our hands until Mrs. Lunday came by and told us to stop.

Hypercolor Shirts.jpg



I guess it is obvious how popular acid wash denim was.  LA GEAR however, nailed it with their jean jacket.  Large patches and embroidery.  The $90 price point made it hard to obtain.  My sister wanted one but really in our school Mindi (the most popular girl in school, and my current wife) was the only person whose parents loved her enough to buy one.

LA GEAR Jean Jacket.jpg


6. XJ900

The XJ900 shoes made by PROWINGS were some of the first knock-off shoes to come from China.  They made a not-so-good copy of a few Nike styles but combined them all into one shoe.

XJ900 ProWings.jpg




4. The Pumps


2. OP



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