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POSTED ONJUNE 21, 2017 Apple iPhone vs. Google Pixel – The World’s First True Comparison and Review

Who switches back and forth between Android and Apple?  I did and it was the worst experience of my life.

My User Level
Heavy tech user with lots of requirements
All email is through phone
Remote access from phone to computers everyday
Over 100 texts sent per day
30 phone calls made per day

History of My Smart Phones
2009 - iPhone 3Gs
2009 - Android MyTouch 3G
2011 - HTC One
2012 - Samsung Note II
2014 - Samsung Note III
2015 - LG G4
2016 - iPhone SE
2017 - Google Pixel



Good Camera - My wife uses her iPhone SE to take all the product images for our online doormats business Good Day Doormats.  They look great.

Fast access - logging into locked phone is quick and easy.  4 digit pin or fingerprint button push is quick.  No need to click extra times to hit submit.

Lots of Case Options - I think more cases are made for the iPhone SE (or iPhone 5s) than any other phone in the world.

Side Switch to Mute - The side switch to mute your phone was truly inspired.  There is never any question as to if your phone ringer is loud or silent.  You also don't have to login to the phone to change it or check it.

Some Apps are Only for iPhones - There are some amazing apps that are iPhone specific for some reason.  There are easy workarounds but these companies only make apps for the iPhone. - Timesheet app - Todo list app



Too Much Clicking - I realized that I was clicking way too much for just doing routine things like calling or texting.  I felt like everything that I wanted to do required 8 clicks to get to what I needed.

No NFC - Near Field Communication is amazing.  You place your phone on something and it reads a command.  I used this to connect to a Bluetooth speaker that was in my bedroom.  Didn't work once I got the iPhone.  The Apple security deemed that people shouldn't have a choice about how they use that service.

No 3rd Party Apps - The Apple security team decided that you can only use the apps that are in the Apple App Marketplace.  Sorry if you want to use an app that a neighbor developed to do some cool unique thing.

Say Goodbye to Amazon Movies - Because Apple is so threatened by competing services, they decided that you can have the Amazon Shopping app on your phone and you can buy anything there... except for what Apple sells.  That means when you go to rent a movie for your kids on Amazon so that they can watch it on the Xbox, there is warning that tells you not to do that.  I would assume that you are like me and didn't just jump right over to the Apple market to rent a movie there as a reward for outsmarting you.

Apple IOS no Stranger to Crashes - For some reason people like to think that iPhones don't crash.  Mine crashed all the time, so does my wife's.  Way more than my Google Pixel. My Pixel hasn't crashed once since I bought it a month ago.

Takes too Long to Get Used to - After 9 months of owning an iPhone I was never accustomed to the weird layouts and how you access settings.  Many things that I would do access all the time like wifi settings would leave me thinking "How do I change this again?".

No Way to Make Quick Access Easy - You cannot create widgets on the iPhone to make quick dialing easy and fast.  You are stuck running through their maze of clicks to speed dial someone or send a quick text.

Google Pixel